Gov’t spokesman: Conditions for exit to the markets are being gradually formed

The conditions for Greece’s exit to the markets and the restoration of confidence in the Greek economy are being gradually formed, government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said on Monday during the 4th annual economic conference of the Hellenic Entrepreneurs Union.

According to Tzanakopoulos, “this safe and stable environment is a fundamental element for Greece to achieve high and sustainable growth rates in the coming years. There are many possibilities and great interest inside and outside the country. A glance to the Greek bonds, which are at a seven-year low, proves the positive prospects of the Greek economy and its potential in the next few years.”

As Tzanakopoulos noted, “the government and the prime minister are giving a battle every day to shape the conditions that will allow the country and the economy to recover. The signs are positive. Our steps are steady and our commitment is for granted. We look forward to supporting and cooperating with all the productive forces of Greece to achieve our collective goals.”

“We hope that the current Eurogroup will bridge the real differences between the two sides and with the steady and persistent intervention of the government to come up with a comprehensive agreement on the Greek debt,” said Tzanakopoulos.