Gov’t spokesman: Eurogroup’s agreement is the most crucial step for the conclusion of programme review

The agreement of the Eurogroup was the most crucial step for the conclusion of the programme review, government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos on Tuesday said during a press briefing.

He accused main opposition New Democracy of not being affected by these positive developments and insisting on a paradoxical line of questioning reality itself and continuing to invest in failure.

Following an in principle agreement at the Eurogroup and the return of the technical staff in Athens after Clean Monday in order to conclude the technical agreement “we are entering an equally critical phase of the negotiation: the phase of the medium-term plans on the debt and the primary surpluses.”

The government spokesman underlined that Germany must become more realistic and take back its irrational demand for 3.5 percent primary surpluses for a decade and adopt a constructive stance that will lead to an agreement for a Greek debt relief.

He underlined that the government’s aim is a comprehensive agreement so that the country refinances its debt without the help of the official sector in 2018.