Gov’t spokesman: Greece in 2019 will differ from that of 2014 like night and day

The government will complete its four-year tenure and will be judged at that time, in 2019, Minister of State and Government Spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said on Friday, in an interview to the Cyprus News Agency.

“The government will complete its tenure and will be judged for its work then,” he said, “and you may be sure that the comparison between Greece of 2014 and that of 2019 will be like night and day.”

The spokesman also expressed optimism for the talks on the FYROM name issue and reiterated the government’s priority, which is “the guaranteeing of the erga omnes and (FYROM’s) constitutional revision. (Prime Minister) Zoran Zaev is the first premier of our neighboring country who publicly accepted this perspective.”

Tzanakopoulos said a just and viable solution to the Cyprus issue remains a target of Greek foreign policy, and said “we must await the conclusion of Turkish national elections and then consider our next steps.”

In terms of the IMF’s role in Greece’s fiscal future, he said that in August, when it completes the fiscal program, “Greece will have completed a very difficult eight-year cycle. Therefore, whatever the IMF decides, the country’s final and irrevocable exit from the fiscal program is not negotiable.”

The spokesman also criticized main opposition party New Democracy for “demanding national elections form the very first fiscal review. Therefore, this is a demand that bears no relation to the Greek social and political reality; rather, it relates to the constant bewildermen ND finds itself it, just as the Movement for Change also does, recently.”