Petsas: Stricter lockdown ensures reopening of schools on target date

Schools of all levels will reopen on January 11, at the end of the week-long stricter lockdown imposed as of Jan. 3, government spokesman Stelios Petsas clarified in statements on Sunday.

Speaking to Skai TV, he said the lockdown is “a preventative measure”, in order to “decrease the viral load and ensure the safe reopening of schools on that date.

Petsas said “this move helps the health committee members as well, because it is truly difficult to know on January 4 what will happen on the 11th,” in terms of planning. “Knowing however that we introduced measures today (Sunday) that are much stricter and which relate to an appeal to the public to observe them, they [the specialists] know the situation on January 11 will be good or even better than it is today,” he clarified.

The spokesman added that restrictions imposed this week, such as pick-ups of electronic orders from retailers (“click aways”), will be lifted on January 11. “We will gradually reopen other economic and social sectors as well, as long as we all observe the measures, of course,” Petsas added.

As long as the measures protecting public health are extended, “that much will economic support measures be extended,” he stressed.