Tzanakopoulos: Gov’t may agree on extension of contingency mechanism in case of an agreement

The Greek government would agree on the extension of the automatic contingency mechanism for one more year in case of an agreement in all the other issues and in order to alleviate doubts mostly IMF’s, said government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos during a press briefing on Tuesday and reiterated that there will be no additional measures after 2018.

Tzanakopoulos underlined that there will be no reason the mechanism to be applied “because the estimations of the European partners and the figures of the Greek economy do not require it” he said and reassured that the government’s majority is solid.

Greece wants eurozone finance ministers to “acknowledge progress” it has made under its bailout when they meet in Brussels on Thursday, government spokesman said.

Tzanakopoulos also noted that the government expects progress in the Eurogroup on 26 January, so that we reach a plan that includes the rapid conclusion of the second review without additional measures and with participation in the ECB’s quantitative easing program in the current quarter.

The government has set as high priority to shed light into corruption cases that have wounded the political life, State Minister Tzanakopoulos said.

He stated that the Greek people are the victims of corruption practices adding that the investigation committee’s strenuous efforts have shed light into the corruption triangle of political parties, banks and media that is to blame for the bankruptcy and the depth of the Greek crisis.

He stated that the fight against corruption is not over adding that the Commission’s ruling is the start.