Gov’t spokesman Tzanakopoulos lashes out at New Democracy

Government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos on Monday lashed out at main opposition New Democracy (ND) in an interview with SKAI TV and accused it of trying to shift attention away from embarrasing revelations linked to the Novartis case.

Tzanakopoulos reiterated that the government treats all businessmen the same way and, unlike the main opposition, has no privileged relations with anyone.

Regarding recent Turkish provocations, he said that the government has expressed concern about them and is constantly alert.

“Turkey is in a state of war; there is a dynamic in its domestic affairs that favors an increase of nationalism, generating concern,” Tzanakopoulos said. He added that Greece will exhaust all diplomatic avenues available for reducing tension.

Moreover, he estimated that Turkey is opening up multiple fronts in order to negotiate with the big powers over its own issues, especially that of the Kurds.

On the case of the two Greek soldiers being held in Turkey, he said the Greek side has been waiting for Turkish prosecuting authorities to indict them for two weeks. He noted that the Greek government can now “push politically and diplomatically so that the case was not taken any further and prevent it becoming a major diplomatic episode.”

“I hope that Turkey will understand that there is no need for this to be taken further because it is an issue that creates an unnecessary additional tension,” the government spokesman said, and pointed out that the situation in the Aegean has recently de-escalated.

Concluding, he said: “We will see how things will go, and then decide what specific actions we will take.”