Gov’t spokesman: Neither Greece nor Europe can tolerate a new phase of uncertainty

Neither Greece nor Europe can tolerate a new phase of uncertainty and renewed crisis, let alone a technical crisis, government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos on Monday said in an interview with

“The Greek government participates in the negotiations with the creditors with clear positions,” he underlined and added that Greece has repeatedly said it would not accept irrational demands from the creditors, and especially the IMF.

“We have not retreated one iota from this position,” Tzanakopoulos said, adding that the government’s strongest argument in the negotiations was reality itself and the performance of the Greek economy.

Moreover, he suggested that the IMF should set aside the delays and the blame game for the sake of Greece and Europe, and immediately decide whether it will participate or not in the Greek programme.

The IMF and its constant ambivalence and indecision were “exclusively responsible” for the delay, Tzanakopoulos said, expressing his conviction that there will not be a rekindling of an “artificial crisis,” in spite of the German finance minister’s “best efforts in this direction.” He noted that Wolfgang Schaeuble was now “politically isolated, both in his own country and in Europe.”

Referring to the ruling SYRIZA’s party Parliamentary group, Tzanakopoulos noted that this was “solid and unified and fully supports the efforts of the negotiating team and the government for a socially viable agreement, without backing down to the IMF’s irrational demands.” He ruled out scenarios of an all-party government or the passing of measures with an enhanced majority in Parliament and said the government’s only focus was the conclusion of the second review.