Gov’t spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos outlines government roadmap

Government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos in an interview with Real FM outlined the government’s roadmap for the next period. As he said, the omnibus bill on the prior actions will be immediately submitted followed by the compliance report that will officially conclude the programme review.

The government spokesman stated that the debate on the medium term measures on the debt has already started and expressed the hope that an agreement on the issue will be reached in May so that it paves the way for the ECB quantititave easing programme. The aim of the government is to tap the markets in 2018, Tzanakopoulos reiterated.

Asked about the possibility of a trial period, he replied positively but did not give more details.
Moreover, he added: “The implementation of the medium term measures concerns the period after 2018, that is after the end of the programme, and will pave the way for the ECB quantitative easing programme which is the ECB’s signal for the sustainability of the Greek debt and the signal for investments in the country.”