Gov’t spokesman: US support in investments, debt relief the benefits of PM’s trip

The US support to the Greek effort to reduce debt and strengthen bilateral relations aimed at the development of the Greek economy were the most important benefits of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ meeting with US President Donald Trump, government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said in an interview with Real FM.

Tzanakopoulos explained that a team was set up to prepare specific proposals to strengthen US investments in Greece in the energy, manufacturing and industrial sectors. He also said that this positive development is directly related to the foreign policy pursued by the Greek government.

“The Greek government,” Tzanakopoulos said, “has followed a multidimensional foreign policy and has managed to create channels of communication with other major economic powers, and this has caused increased interest.”

Asked about the agreement to upgrade the Greek Air Force’s F-16 fleet, Tzanakopoulos described this agreement necessary in order to keep in fighting order a very large fleet of aircraft “for which ND and PASOK have spent tens of billions of euros on contracts that were signed in past decades. ”

Regarding the cost of this upgrading, he specified that the agreement as a whole is worth 2.4 billion euros, but will cost the Greek budget 1.1 billion euros. The remaining 1 billion euros will be paid out gradually over ten or fifteen years.