Gov’t spokesperson: There is extensive cooperation with the private healthcare sector

Government spokesperson Aristotelia Peloni, in an interview with SKAI TV on Tuesday, referred to the forced enlistment of private doctors, saying that the goverment had appealed to private doctors in the last 10 days to contribute to this major national effort but only a few had responded. So, the enlistment was the ultimate measure.

She also referred to “extensive cooperation with the private sector” and a large number of clinics, adding that “this moment the country’s health system is one and united. It includes hospitals of the national health system, military hospitals and private clinics. We are doing everything possible and whatever else needs to be done. The situation is difficult but the system is holding up.”

Peloni said that “the more progress we make with the vaccinations the more we build up a wall of immunity. We must observe the measures because until a large percentage of the population is vaccinated, the virus will obviously still be here.”