Gov’t tables omnibus bill in Parliament, pushing for vote by Aug. 8

The government’s draft omnibus bill, signed by 13 ministers and two alternate ministers, was tabled in Parliament on Tuesday evening with the purpose of being voted on by August 8.

The bill calls for the inactivation of a taxpayer’s tax identification (AFM) number if that person has stopped being financially active or is committing a financial or other crime; puts an end to the end-year tax statement that businesses and independent business owners are obliged to file if they pay VAT; and it also adds 400 new permanent positions to the General Secretariat of Public Revenue in order to facilitate its increased needs and operations of the tax bureau.

In controversial provisions, it consolidates and unifies all supplementary social security funds, including those of uniformed forces, and sets out the procedure to define seashore zoning.

It includes subsidising provisions for health and welfare agencies – and for all other agencies not being subsidised from the state budget so far – for the purpose of covering quickly the payment of their outstanding debts to private vendors incurred in 2012 and 2013.

The omnibus bill also calls for the upgrading of the state contracts system, incorporating European laws and simplifying the procedures with transparency and the reduction of administrative burden in 11 sectors of the economy – seen as relieving citizens and strengthening sectors.

Also provided for is the founding of a Central Review Committee to handle asset statements by public officers obliged to file them – such as deputies and ministers. The Committee will include two vice-presidents of Parliament, two high-level judges and a deputy governor of the Bank of Greece, while it introduces the obligation of filing of financial interests online, to assist in the review.