Gov’t to post abolition of academic asylum for public consultation

A Ministry of Education draft regulation that abolishes academic asylum is expected to be uploaded for public consultation on, before it is tabled in parliament.

The article reads as follows:

“Academic freedoms – Upgrading the quality of the academic environment

1. At higher educational institutions, academic freedom in research and teaching is guaranteed and protected as an institutional guarantee of independent and inviolable scientific thought, research and teaching.

2. Academic freedom and the free expression and circulation of ideas are protected on all higher education premises, against anyone who tries to tear them down or restrict them.

3. Within the premises of higher education institutions, relevant authorities exercise all their jurisdictions accorded by law, including invervention because of criminal offences.”

In the existing law, state or public authorities may intervene “in cases of crimes and crimes against life, on its own motion,” i.e. without an individual having to file a motion against another person, “and in any other case, following a decision of the dean’s council. The above restrictions do not bind the Fire Brigade.”