Grecotel Group to invest 42 million euros in 2018

Grecotel Group on Monday said its investment programme will total 42 million euros this year, creating 630 new job positions. The Group is a pylon of employment in Greece and the biggest employer in the hotel business with 6,100 workers.

Grecotel said its investment plan envisaged the radical renovation of five luxury hotels in four top travel destinations in the country (Corfu Imperial, Daphnila Bay Dassia, Casa Marron, Pella Beach and Rhodos Royal).

Presenting this year’s investment programme, Mary Daskalantonaki, Grecotel CEO, said the renovation plan of the group’s hotels was constant ahead of a “third generation” hotel units which upgrade the country’s tourist product. Daskalantonaki said Greceotel Group expected a trade weighed increase of 7.0 pct in overnight stays and a 9.0 pct rise in turnover in 2018 compared with the previous year. She added that Greece needed to look very carefully in the Russian market and to invest in the opening of new markets.

Grecotel operates 32 luxury hotels with 12,500 beds, 60 meeting rooms, 10 conference centers, three spas, 200 restaurants and bars.