Greece aims at higher income tourists

The upgrade of the tourism services and the increase of higher income tourists were two of the main targets set at the tourism conference held at Vellidis conference centre.

The conference was organised by five chambers: Greek-American, the British-Hellenic, the Greek-French, Greek-German and Greek-Italian.

“Our effort reflects our concern for the lower tourism revenues despite the increase in tourist arrivals,” the president of the Greek-American Chamber Simos Anastasopoulos said and added: “We want to strengthen the efforts of the Greek state so that higher income tourists are attracted. This is the reason why we called the conference ‘Tourism of Added Value.’ However, the model of lower prices has some limits.”

Among the things that need to be done is the development of cruise tourism, the connection of tourism with culture, health and other factors that will extend the tourist season. The ‘sun-sea’ model is not enough. We need to seek other forms of tourism such as conference tourism in order to boost revenues, he underlined.