Greece and FYROM signs MoU to examine the prospect of interconnecting their natural gas systems

Greece and FYROM on Monday signed a memorandum of understanding to examine the prospect of interconnecting their natural gas systems. The MoU was signed in Skopje between DESFA (Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator) and MER, the state energy sources exploitation company.

Based on the MoU, DESFA will develop and operate the Greek sections of the pipeline, with a length of around 5 km, linking Nea Mesimvria, Thessaloniki, with the Greek-FYROM border in Evzoni. In FYROM, the pipeline section will have a length of 110 km. The two companies will set up a joint group of officials to draft a technical survey on the project sustainability.

Energy Minister Panos Skourletis, commenting on the MoU said the planning is part of a framework of building confidence measures between the two countris and to an energetic and multi-dimensional energy policy of Greece.

“This significant project serves the goals of European Union to diffentiate sources and roads of natural gas, boosting price competitiveness and strengthening energy security in the wider region. Greece is called the play a leading role as an energy hub in the Balkans, the Mediterranean and Southeastern Europe,” Skourletis said.

The memorandum of understanding was signed by DESFA chairman and chief executive Sotirios Nikas and MER’s representative K. Miladinov.