Greece and Germany to cooperate more closely in economy, energy and climate, says Berlin

Germany and Greece will in the future cooperate more closely in the economy, energy and the climate, according to an announcement issued by the German Chancellery on Friday, regarding the visit by Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Thursday.

It said the meeting between Mitsotakis and German Chancellor Angela Merkel focused on economic and European policy issues, as well as migration, while citing the chancellor’s statement that bilateral relations were very good but could be further intensified.

The chancellor also welcomed the planned agenda of economic reforms presented by the prime minister, the announcement said. These plans include privatisations and will facilitate investment opportunities for German businesses as well, she said, as well as making it easier for Greece to meet the commitments that it still has under the financing programmes.

The announcement also referred to her statements on migration, noting that both Merkel and Mitsotakis support the EU-Turkey agreement and quoting Merkel’s satisfaction that the Greek government intends to pursue the implementation of returns envisioned under the deal “so that refugees will actually return and there is thus a stop to illegal migration.”

The announcement additionally referred to their talks on EU enlargement issues, specifically for Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Albania, and the German cabinet’s decision to establish a Greek-German Youth Foundation based in Leipzig that will bring young people in the two countries closer and promote mutual understanding.