Greece and Qatar to enhance bilateral economic relations

Alternate Foreign Minister Giorgos Katrougalos stressed the need on Wednesday to adopt policies that strengthen wage labour and the social state.

Katrougalos was speaking at the 17th International Doha Forum in Qatar.

“Taking into account the increase in the world population and the declining oil and commodity prices, it is obvious that we need to adopt policies that strengthen wage labour and the welfare state, promote diversification of sources of income over the medium and long term, reform the public finances and increase the sources of income from investments in infrastructure, as well as the skilled and trained workforce,” Katrougalos underlined.

He stated that inequalities between states is the greater challenge of our time adding that they enhance poverty and deprive millions of people of a decent life.

During the Doha Forum on Development, Stability and Reflection, the Alternate Foreign Minister held bilateral meetings with Qatar’s Culture and Economy Ministers and the Alternate Foreign Minister, as well as with representatives of large companies interested in investments in Greece and the promotion of bilateral economic relations.