Greece asks EC for continued reduced taxation on tsipouro, tsikoudia

Finance Minister Christos Staikouras requested a two-year extension of reduced taxation for the traditional Greek spirits of tsipouro and tsikoudia in a letter to the European Commission, Deputy Finance Minister Apostolos Vessiropoulos told parliament on Friday.

The FM appealed against a July 11 decision by the Court of Justice of the European Union that imposes sanctions to to Greece unless it increases taxes on the spirits, in alignment with European law. Staikouras also asked that the ruling be suspended, Vessiropoulos said.

The Deputy FM was responding to Greek Communist Party MP Nikos Karathanasopoulos, who raised the issue in parliament by stressing that “if the July 11th ruling of the European Court of Justice for the taxation of tsipouro and tsikoudia is implemented, small-scale producers will be literally wiped out.”