Greece at 42th place in the world’s most talent competitive countries

Greece ranked 42th in the 2018 Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI), released by business school INSEAD on Monday, remaining in the lower rankings in its category of “high income” countries.

Switzerland came first, followed by Singapore and the United States. European countries continue to lead in the index with 15 of them included in the top 25.

Overall, the GTCI uses four measures or “pillars” to determine a country‚Äôs ranking: Enable talent through regulations and markets: Attract talent, grow new talent, retain existing talent with a fine quality of life and two measures describing different types of talent – vocational and technical skills (expertise) and global knowledge skills (leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship).

With the exception of the “Retain” pillar, Greece ranks lower than the average of its income and region group in all categories. The pool of high-level skills that are characterized as global knowledge skills and which relate to the knowledge and skills of executives in managerial or leadership roles remains stable, consisting essentially of domestic talent (attracting talent from abroad remains weak). Strengthening the “Activation” pillar, through actions such as improving the regulatory framework, the market and the business environment, is expected to improve Greece’s competitiveness and attractiveness, the report showed.