Greece cannot be compared with Bulgaria, FYROM in business taxation, says EconMin

Greece’s tax regime for businesses cannot be compared with that of countries such as Bulgaria and FYROM and no government could promise such favourable taxation, Economy and Development Minister Dimitri Papadimitriou told representatives of Kozani’s business sector during a meeting at the local Chamber of Commerce on Friday.

“Greece cannot be compared with the tax regime in Bulgaria and FYROM and no government will be able to promise such a low tax rate, comparable to that of these two countries,” he said.

Responding to persistent questions about businesses that move to neighbouring countries with low tax rates, Papadimitriou said these countries do not offer any protection in terms of monetary policy, an element that businesses “take very seriously into account” when they decide to make large investments.

He then announced his ministry is preparing a draft bill on startups, saying the current tax regime does not favor their development. He then added that the ministry’s immediate aim is to stop scientists from fleeing the country.