Greece, Cyprus and Egypt strategic cooperation on climate change

Alternate Environment and Energy Minister Sokratis Famellos, after his visit to Cairo, announced a strategic cooperation with the establishment of a task force with Cyprus and Egypt to agree on indicators on climate change

He also said that Greece aims to do the same with Cyprus and Israel.

As he said in an event on the sustainable mobility in local administration organised by the Training Institute of the National Centre of Public Administration and Local Administration “The mediterrenean is one of the most vunlerable areas in issues of climate change something very important for the economy, society, public safety, farming and biodiversity.”

The offered natural, economic and social sources should be used in a sustainable way. In order to achieve it, we must make use of the new technologies and ideas that will lead to the restructuring of the economy, said the minister.

According to the ministry, Greece-Egypt-Cyprus cooperation plan that includes that sectors of sea pollution, the management of coastal zones, biodiversity and waste management is ambitious but feasible. Each country has the responsibility for specific actions that must bring tangible results before the trilateral meeting at country leaders’ level that will take place in September 2017.