Greece hit by extreme weather – One dead driver in Serres

Severe weather conditions and heavy rain that hit northern Greece over the weekend flooded Pineios river. As a result, a bridge in Diava, Kalambaka, partially collapsed, while according to locals’ reports, the water level is constantly rising.

Greek police have blocked the way to the area near the bridge and stopped the traffic.

Meanwhile a man was found dead in northern Greece. The 47-year-old was found dead inside a vehicle that fell into Kroussovitis stream.

The man had been driving beside a stream in the area of Sidirokastro when the bank subsided and his vehicle fell into the rushing water, swollen by heavy rains.

Rescue teams found the car covered in deep mud and the driver dead inside it.

Firefighters were called when residents witnessed a car drifting into the torrent during the intense rainfall.

A police investigation is underway in the area with the help of two fire department vehicles and four EMAK divers, however, the search has not led to the discovery of another body.

The vehicle was pulled from the mud with a crane and police are currently trying to identify the deceased.

In the mountainous region of Epirus, northwestern Greece, dozens of villages including Konitsa, Zagori, Tzoumerka and Metsovo have been cut off due to the overnight snowstorm and special vehicles have been sent to clear the roads.

Further south, farmlands in the plains of Arta and Filiata have flooded, while rocks fell on the roads surrounding the region.