Greece in a state of generalised lawlessness, says ND spokeswoman Spyraki

The country is an a state of generalised lawlessness, stated main opposition New Democracy (ND) spokeswoman Maria Spyraki on Thursday, in her first press briefing following her appointment.

“We have issues of lawlessness” she said, pointing out that inmates sentenced for serious felonies were free to roam at large.

Referring to Alternate Finance Minister Giorgos Chouliarakis’ statement that it was the government’s choice to burden the middle class, she accused the government of wiping out conscientious tax payers while failing to check tax evasion. A good start, she noted, would be for the government to tackle illegal online gambling.

On the social dividend that the government is due to distribute at the end of 2017, Spyraki said that the excess surplus is a product of overtaxation and the cessation of payments by the state.