Greece is a pillar of stability in its region, US Ambassador to Greece Pyatt says

“Greece is a pillar of stability in its region,” US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt said in a speech at the AUSA Convention Center in Washington DC, adding that the United States is working closely with Greece “to promote freedom and security in the Balkans, the eastern Mediterranean and the wider region.”

Pyatt praised the role of the country as a pillar for maintaining a strong defence in the wider region.
Referring to the US’s support for Greece’s exit from the economic crisis, he noted: “Our interest and support for Greece’s full exit from the economic crisis over the past eight years is based on our belief that Greece plays a critical role as a pillar of regional stability. The stronger Greece is, the safer the wider area will be.”

On investments, he said: “American and Greek businesses are looking for a favourable, predictable and stable investment environment, while Greek laws and state bureaucracy have to support these companies and their investment activities. Businesses do not disagree with paying taxes provided that taxation offers stability and growth prospects.”