Greece is back on a growth course, EU Commission VP Sefcovic says

Greece is back on a growth course and a climate of hope and confidence has been restored through the efforts made by Greek citizens and the reforms that have created new jobs, European Commission Vice-President Maros Sefcovic said on Thursday, speaking at the 2nd Euro-Arab Conference in Athens.

Sefcovic stressed that energy relations are mainly linked to hydrocarbons. He added that 60 pct of EU needs in the sector are covered by imports and there is a need to ensure security of supply at low prices in a sustainable way. He noted that 2017 has been declared by the Juncker Commission as the year when priority will be given to EU energy union and its links with the rest of the world.

He also presented European policy priorities, including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, improving energy efficiency and turning to Renewable Energy Sources, where the EU has set ambitious targets and is working with Arab countries.

“It is obvious that we have to talk to each other. We are neighbors and we have to address the same challenges, including migration, terrorism and radicalisation. We are facing unprecedented challenges. Today, more than ever, I am sure that we can deal with them,” the Vice-President of the European Commission concluded.