Greece is expected to return to markets by August 2018, gov’t VP reiterates in interview

Greece will not need to enter into a fourth loan agreement, Government Vice President Yannis Dragasakis said in an interview to Alpha 9.89 FM on Tuesday.

“We are at the final end of a very tough test,” he said, adding that the government expected to complete the third memorandum program and return to the markets by August 2018. The memorandums so far provided Greece with a learning experience, and the country should now enter a stage of viable and sustainable growth, he said.

Asked to comment on main opposition New Democracy, Dragasakis said party leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis may have spoken of the future in his Intenational Thessaloniki Fair policy speech, but “he promotes an outdated neoliberal model.” He added that “our difference consists of a clash between two different models,” although it was still helpful to promote dialogue.

In terms of privatisations of certain state agencies which Mitsotakis has advocated, such as the General Accounting Office, examples from other countries have shown that this would encourage economic scandals and corruption, the government vice president said.

Greece has entered a trajectory of growth, he added, and it is realistic to expect that Greece will return to the markets by August 2018. He warned however that this did not mean that the country could “do whatever it wants in terms of its fiscal policy.”