Greece must preserve a sustainable and competitive shipping industry, Veniamis says

Maritime nations such as Greece need to ensure that their shipping industry remains sustainable and competitive and this must be realised by both society and legislators, President of the Union of Greek Shipowners Theodore E. Veniamis said at a shipping conference on “The Global Impact of Shipping” organised by “The Sea Nation”, an online shipping newspaper.

Veniamis, addressing the conference on Wednesday, stressed that measures supporting the physiognomy and potential of the shipping industry will bring broader benefits by allowing the sector to continue making a significant contribution to citizens of the world, both in times of peace and of crisis. He noted that shipping, because of its global nature, was exposed to intense international competition, that has recently grown stronger due to policies adopted by several international shipping centres seeking to attract and obtain greater market shares.

Every state that wants to have a shipping industry should work to draft and implement whatever measures it can afford to support and further enhance its shipping industry, through which it will retain the strategic advantage of securing the necessary imports and exports, increase the number of job and multiply the benefits for the country’s economy, while keeping in mind that nothing in the shipping sector can be taken for granted.

He underlined that the Balkans, the wider area of the Middle East and the promotion of Chinese commerce to Europe via Greece, all supported the existence of a large modern fleet and competitive services in the country.