Greece offers significant investment opportunities in tourism, Theoharis tells ‘Capital Link Forum’

There are significant investment opportunities in several sectors of the Greek tourism market, especially in the improvement and construction of new hotels, establishing specialised forms of tourism and the construction of marinas and theme parks, Tourism Minister Haris Theoharis said in his address to the online 22nd annual “Capital Link Invest in Greece Forum” on Wednesday

He noted that eight investments relating to tourism, amounting to nearly one billion euros, have been approved using fast-track procedures despite the pandemic, while more than 40 new hotels have opened in central Athens in the last year, proving the momentum of the tourism market and how investments can transform the city centre.

Theoharis especially highlighted the modernisation of the legislative framework for attracting strategic investments – including the “My Residence-Golden Visa” programme – which finally set the stalled investment at Hellinikon in motion and could potentially attract millions of tourists.

He also referred to the good cooperation between the public and private sector in managing the pandemic, which allowed the successful and safe opening of Greek tourism.

“Now is the time to come and invest in Greece. Greece is changing. Invest because Greece has more than 800,000 hotel beds, direct flights from major international airports to all destinations and is an all-year tourism destination,” he added.