Greece presents first electronic platform for shipping companies

Hellenic Chamber of Shipping presented “Maritime Hellas”, a new electronic platform, the first Greek maritime cluster designed to bring together all maritime and other enterprises related with shipping.

The presentation was made during a regular board meeting of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Clusters began operating in the last 25 years mainly in the United States, north-western Europe and southeast Asia, while since 2015 a total of 14 maritime clusters operate in the European Union.

“Maritime clusters have a different structure and operation depending on the characteristics of a country’s shipping economy and their purpose,” Mihalis Sarlis, a special maritime advisor of Hellenic Chamber of Shipping said during the presentation of the project. “Success of the project will depend on participation,” he added.

“It is an open invitation to the country’s strong shipping community, to enterprises in the supply, equipment, repair and support services. This maritime cluster may be the 17th in the Europe to begin operations but its aim is to become the number one since Greece is a maritime nation,” Vasilis Korkidis, president of the Piraeus Chamber said. He added that the creation of a maritime cluster was necessary since the benefits for enterprises cover product and marketing cost reduction, development of new production methods, creating partnership networks and exploiting local development programes.

Petros Kokkalis, representing the municipality of Piraeus said the authority will support this effort in all sectors of activities.