Greece records third highest growth rate in new car sales in the EU in February

Greece recorded the third highest percentage growth rate in new car sales in the European Union in February, with a 31.7 pct growth rate, following Croatia (46.8 pct) and Bulgaria (42.2 pct).

Hungary (24.5 pct) and Estonia (21.2 pct) also recorded high growth rates in new car sales in the month. The average growth rate in new car sales was 4.3 pct in the EU, with the UK recording a 2.8 pct decline along with Italy (-1.4 pct). Spain recorded a 13 pct rise, followed by Germany (7.4 pct) and France (4.3 pct).

In the first two months of 2018, new car sales in Greece totaled 15,723, up 34.9 pct compared with the same period in 2017. In the EU, demand for new cars grew 5.8 pct in the January-February period, totaling 2,378,965 vehicles, led by Germany (+9.5 pct), Italy (+1.0 pct), France (+3.4 pct), UK (-5.1 pct) and Spain (+16.4 pct).