Greece remains trapped in memorandums, Potami’s Theodorakis says

The big picture that emerges is that Greece, unlike the other European countries that entered bailout programmes, remains trapped in memorandums after three successive bailouts, Potami party leader Stavros Theodorakis said in Parliament on Thursday.

Speaking during the debate on the draft omnibus bill on the prior actions agreed with the country’s lenders, Theodorakis said that both the present government and its predecessors had been guilty of lies and populism.

He further accused the government of delaying the conclusion of the second review of the programme for seven months, during which the economy lost at least 1 pct of GDP, and then capitulating. “You bring and sign anything. This is not inexperience but a crafty approach to politics,” he added.

Theodorakis made it clear that his party will not support either the austerity cuts nor the positive measures in the draft omnibus bill, which he said were an attempt to deceive.
“Positive measures to offset a criminal delay? To promise future gains when you know that the possibility of gains is nil is deception,” he said.

“The new memorandum is yours and the responsibility is yours also,” he noted.