Greece reports only 1 death in 24hrs, square curfew in Agia Paraskevi

The Health Ministry’s coronavirus spokesman and infectious diseases professor Sotiris Tsiodras on Wednesday evening announced 21 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Greece in the last 24 hours and one new death. He elaborated that 11 of the 21 new cases were detected in an army facility.
The Covid-19 infections total in Greece stands at 2,663. Some 603 cases were infected abroad and 1,326 in Greece.
Fatalities stand at 147 since the start of the outbreak; 40 of them were women. Of the 147, a 93 pct had underlying health issues and/or their average age was 70 years or more. The average age of all the deceased was 75 years of age.
Some 36 patients are being treated in Intensive Care Units with an average age of 68 years and 8 of these are women. A 97 pct of ICU patients have underlying health issues and/or are over 70 years of age.
Another 82 people have so far been discharged from ICUs.
Some 87,052 Covid-19 diagnostic tests have been carried out in Greece since the start of the outbreak.

Hardalias briefing

The effectiveness of measures related to the Covid-19 pandemic at this phase will depend on details, Civil Protection Deputy Minister for Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias said on Wednesday, stressing the collective effort of keeping health measures now that public movement is less restricted.
“Every time that official directives are being circumvented, the next stage of lifting restriction becomes more remote,” Hardalias said at the daily briefing, announcing at the same time that local restrictions were imposed on the suburb of Agia Paraskevi for these reasons, and the popular central square on Agiou Ioannou street in particular.

Square curfew

In Agia Paraskevi, residents ignored police directions to stop crowding at the square, he said, and on Tuesday police were pelted with rocks. The minister said that “a strong police force” has been stationed at the square as of Wednesday, and a curfew imposed in its use from 21:00 to 06:00 daily until further notice. He said the majority of people observe social distancing directions but “a few dozen don’t understand the seriousness of the issue.”
He also called on owners of take-out places to follow precautions and respect public health and their fellow professionals.