Greece seeks to attract more investments in 2018, Pitsiorlas says

Greek Deputy Economy and Development Minister Stergios Pitsiorlas on Monday expressed his confidence that Greece could attract more investments this year after a record in foreign direct investments in 2017, particularly in tourism, industry and energy.

Speaking to ANA’s “Praktorio 104.9 FM” radio, Pitsiorlas said: “We have already several investments and a huge investment interest and we must take advantage of this and work all together. A lot of things happened in the tourism, industry and energy sectors in 2017, as shown in an increase in exports, industrial production, tourism, building activity. In 2018, we can go a step further. I think we can have very significant investments. We have already achieved a record in foreign direct investments in the last two years and this is a sector that the Greek economy always lagged behind. If we manage to change our image in FDIs and exports then we have changed our economy”.

He said that the government was expected to complete its final proposal on a new national growth strategy in the next two months. “It is a major issue for the country at this point. We are ending a very difficult period, a huge economic crisis and we are slowly exiting this. In August 2018 we must complete the programme and what it is important is to lay the foundations for a new course for the country and a different economy. To avoid past mistakes that led us to bankruptcy, to move towards a sustainable growth course, with an open economy to be able to compete internationally, an economy that creates job positions, focusing on human, employment and the exploitation of this precious resource. An economy exploiting all the great advantages offered by its geographical position.”

Pitsiorlas said a privatisation programme was implemented, adding that what creditors forced us to do “we must include in our wider strategy that will bring significant changes in the Greek economy”. Pitsiorlas said Greece was emerging into a hub of international combined transport and that this will create thousand job positions and will lead to the development of related sectors in the transport sector. Commenting on the Hellinikon project, he said a Presidential decree was expected to be issued in the next two months.