Greece signs 108-mln-euro funding agreement with EEA

Greece signed an agreement on Tuesday ensuring funds worth 108 million euros from the Funding Mechanism of the European Economic Area in 2014-2021 (117 million euros, including national participation).

The agreement was signed by Deputy Economy Minister Alexis Charitsis and Norway’s Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Jens Frolich Holte in Athens.

An Economy ministry announcement said that this sum was the largest ever distributed to Greece and almost double compared with the previous period (2009-2014). The eight sectors to be funded are:

1. business activity and innovation focusing on blue growth and green innovation,
2. local developoment and reducing poverty,
3. social integration and strengthening of Roma citizens,
4. water management (particularly in islands),
5. renewable energy sources and energy saving,
6. society of citizens,
7. good management and transparency,
8. asylum and immigration.

Commenting on the agreement, Jens Frolich Holte said: “I am very happy with the signing of a new agreement of EEA Grants for Greece. We agreed to continue cooperation on immigration and to begin a big business programme focusing on green development, supporting companies both in Norway and Greece.

Available funds for Greece are up for the new period. We look forward to continuing the cooperation and strengthening of our relations with Greece”.

“The agreement signed today is very beneficial for our country as the funds directed to Greece are almost double compared with the previous period,” Charitsis said, adding that these funds will fund interventions with very significant social, development and environmental printing, in sectors such as asylum, innovation, supporting SMEs and renewable energy sources.

Greece is the eighth country to participate in the EEA programme. The previous programme covered sectors such as water environment protection and management, renewable energy sources, enhancing a society of citizens, asylum, immigration and academic research.