Greece signs Gov-ERP contract, first under Recovery Fund

Greek authorities on Friday signed a contract for the Gov-ERP project, the first project included in the Recovery Fund, designed to promote the digital transformation of the country. The project, worth 51,522,000 euros, was signed between the Information Society, an agency supervised by Digital Governance ministry, and that General Secretariat of Fiscal Policy of the Finance ministry and the General Secretariat of Information Systems of the Public Administration.

The Gov-ERP is an landmark project for public administration in Greece. More specifically, it is designed to become a new digital tool for the complete upgrading of the system of financial and fiscal management of the Greek state. It is the first project to be included in the Recovery Fund and one of the first project from the “Greece 2.0” Plan to be implemented. The project will be able to record all public money flows, speed-up payments by the central administration, make correct and immediate assessment of the country’s credit ability, improve procedures on drafting, executing and monitoring state budget, convering Greek accounting standards with other international ratings.