Greece tightens rules for issue of travel permits for work from Monday

Greece has tightened the rules for the issue of travel permits for those going to work, which allow them to commute to their places of work during the lockdown. The labour ministry has given a grace period of two days, during which those without the new permits will be let off with a warning, while the fines for breaking the rules will start to be imposed from Wednesday morning at 6:00.

The new permits for private-sector employees, issued by the Ergani system or from, cannot be given to those working remotely or on furlough. Inspections at workplaces will be based on the declarations submitted in advance for those working remotely or placed on furlough to Ergani and those listed as essential staff. Permits will only be valid during declared legal working hours.

All travel permits issued for those working remotely or on furlough will cease to be valid.

For public-sector workers, travel permits will be issued based on their working plan and must have the service’s stamp.
The self-employed must have either a professional ID issued by a professional association that is a legal entity (e.g. bar association, professional chambers etc) or can obtain a new document via Ergani or the website In this case, they must also carry a tax ID provided by the taxisnet system indicating their tax registration and business activity.

Members of a company board can also obtain a new document via Ergani, accompanied by a statement of the company.
Finally, the rules governing travel by journalists remain the same until now.

Businesses that are closed can only issue permits for workers performing permitted activities.