Greece to maintain its peace and stability role in the Mediterranean, SYRIZA says

“Greece must maintain its role as a pillar of peace and stability in the Mediterranean region – New Democracy’s movements are risky, dangerous and contrary to our national interests,” SYRIZA spokesperson Alexis Charitsis said on Monday in an interview with Radio Thessaloniki.

“The issue of Greek-Turkish relations is ages old for the country. What has changed of late is the ineffectuality of the government’s foreign policy,” he said and added: “In previous years, Greece had pursued a multi-dimensional, active and peace-loving foreign policy, which led to the upgrading of the country’s position on the international stage, with contacts and meetings held by then prime minister Alexis Tsipras with foreign leaders, with trilateral agreements, with the Euro-Mediterranean Summit, and a series of initiatives on the Greek side, generally, to protect our national interests.”

“However,” he noted, “since the beginning of [Prime Minister Kyriakos] Mitsotakis’ term, we are witnesses of an effort to downplay growing Turkish aggressiveness,” he noted, referring to “Mr. Mitsotakis’ meeting with President Erdogan in the US” when “we saw an increase in Turkish provocations in the Aegean, but also an increase in refugee flows to our country, despite ND’s triumphant announcements.”