Greece tops list of winners from Juncker plan

Greece is at the top of the list of European countries benefitting from the Juncker plan that targets growth, based on the country’s annual economic output, according to a tweet from the European Commission.

The plan will trigger total investments worth 283.7 billion euros, representing 90% of the original target, the tweet adds.

The European Investment Bank has approved for Greece finance from the European Strategic Investment Fund of around 2.4 billion euros and is estimated to bring about investments of 9.2 billion euros for our country.

On this EU list, Greece is followed by Estonia, Bulgaria, Portugal and Spain.

“The European Commission is confirming Greece’s first place in the development of the Juncker plan,” Alternate Economy and Development Minister Alexis Charitsis told Athens-Macedonian News Agency.

Charitsis adds that “the cooperation between our country and the European Commission and the European Investment Bank is producing significant benefits for the Greek economy.”