Greece-US cooperation in energy dominates conference by Transatlantic Leadership Network

The strategic dimension of Greece-US cooperation in the energy sector dominated the conference organized by the Transatlantic Leadership Network in Washington, entitled “Mediterranean: Opportunities and Challenges”.

The conference was attended by US officials, diplomats and political analysts from the US capital.

According to the organizers, the conference took place following the opening of the Greek-US Strategic Dialogue, while a number of important countries, such as China and Russia, are showing increasing interest in what is happening in Greece and in the wider region of the southeastern Mediterranean. The speakers pointed out that Greece has taken advantage of the energy opportunities emerging in the region and expressed the view that the US could make a positive contribution in this direction by investing and providing know-how.

On his part, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy Joseph Uddo argued that the United States is ready to assist Greece’s efforts to become more competitive in the energy sector, noting that the current US government “encourages innovation regulation and supports the diversification of energy supply.”

The Greek Embassy was represented by Dimitris Angelopoulos, who underlined the strategic importance of the US-Greece cooperation in implementing the goals of Greek foreign policy.