Greece votes today for new government

The voting process started at 7:00 on Sunday morning, when polling stations opened, and will continue throughout the day until they close at 19:00 on Sunday night.

The electoral body based on the last revision of the electoral rolls completed on October 31, 2014 is made up of 9,808,760 registered voters, who will cast their vote at 19,449 polling stations throughout the country. They include 99,007 non-local voters registered in a municipality other than that where they have asked to vote, who will be able to exercise their voting rights at 290 special polling stations, of which 178 are in the Attica region.

Registered voters must bring some form of identification with them, which can be their police identity card, driving licence or state health insurance pass book. Those lacking any of the above identification documents are free to visit the ID-issue departments of police stations able to issue IDs, while municipality services will remain open in order to issue the necessary birth certificates, which will be sent internally to the appropriate authority by fax.

In cases where an individual’s details are not the same as those in the electoral rolls, such as women registered with their husband’s surname or people that have changed their name for any reason, an identity confirmation certificate from the local municipality may be required.

The 99,007 non-local voters that have applied to vote in their place of residence rather than the municipality in which they are registered – of which 79,413 are in the Attica region – will have their names marked with an ‘E’ on the electoral rolls held at the polling stations of their municipality and will be barred from voting there.

Specific polling stations for this category of voters will only operate in the prefecture capitals, except in Athens and Thessaloniki where the large numbers of non-local voters allows both mixed and dedicated polling stations for them. At least 40 non-local voters must have applied in order for a non-local-voter polling station to be set up, a number that was judged sufficient in order to ensure the secrecy of the vote.
Voters can find out where they can vote at through the interior ministry website at the ‘Find out where you vote’ link or at the telephone number 2131361500, from 9:00-19:00 on Saturday and from 7:00-19:00 on Sunday.

The number of individual candidates that each voter can support on an election ticket varies according to the number of seats elected by the constituency. For those electing one to three candidates to Parliament voters can support only one, for those electing between four and seven up to two, for those electing between eight and 12 up to three and for those electing 13 or more, up to four. Voters can also request information on the maximum number of candidates they can support at polling stations.