Greece will again have fiscal outperformance, says gov’t spokesman Tzanakopoulos

State Minister and government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said that there is no concern over the meeting of the targets adding that Greece will again have fiscal outperformance, in an interview with Sunday newspaper Real News.

Tzanakopoulos added that by the end of the year “we will be able to reach a conclusion on the height of the social dividend”.

Asked on the possibility of tax relief he reminded that the government has already voted tax relief for the lower incomes and specific tax relief in the context of offset measures. ”

On the result of the German elections and the rise of the extreme-right party, Tzanakopoulos said it was a development that raises concern and should worry the political elite in Europe and Germany. On Wolfgang Schaeuble’s retirement, Tzanakopoulos estimated that there will be no change in the way the German government deals with the Greek issue.