Greece will exit program successfully in August 2018, Deutsche Bank report says

Greece’s economic prospects for 2018 are positive, and the country is expected to complete the successful exit from the fiscal program in August 2018, a Deutsche Bank report said on Monday.

In a report titled “Greece in 2018: Finally some light at the end of the tunnel,” the research analysts argue that the successful outcome is based on the fact that “for the first time in a long while political incentives between Greece and European creditors are reasonably well aligned.”

The report also noted that this relationship would be more important that a funding backstop after the expiration program, as “threading the needle through a combination of compromises would allow both Greece and Europe to claim ‘success’,” it said.

In sum, the country’s successful exit, the analysts said, would depend on three critical factors: “”ontinued commitment to fiscal prudence and structural reform in co-operation with Europe; a normalization of the banking system involving a gradual wind down of NPLs and easing of capital controls; and political stability that in combination with a steady fiscal stance promotes a further recovery in consumer and business confidence.”
(The full report is attached.)