Greece will exit the memoranda in August without new measures, gov’t spokesman says

Greece will exit the memoranda in August 2018 without new measures, government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos reiterated on Wedneday in a statement to SKAI TV.

He reiterated that there is no need of a precautionary credit line and that the country’s exit will be clean and stable.

Referring to Prime Minister’s statement on the economy as well as on IMF estimates, he said: “Certainly, there will be a clean exit. The prime minister explained on Tuesday what a clean exit means. It means that there will be no credit line,” he said, adding that this (credit line) was being pursued by political forces in Greece, because there was no such discussion at European level. “On the other hand, no serious political power that plays a role in the Greek programme has asked for a credit line. So this means that there will be no fourth program, so the exit will be absolutely clean, ie without new commitments,” Tzanakopoulos said.

“Greece’s exit from the third programme is secure and stable and will be completed in time,” the government spokesman said.

Tzanakopoulos also reiterated that there is no confirmation of Turkish political leaders’ claims that they removed the Greek flag on the islet of Mikro Anthropofas.

“Turkey may be as provocative and irrational as it wants; the fact is that there are some fait accompli in the Aegean. The borders of the Aegean are not under question. Their sovereignty is clear and based on international treaties which Turkey must, for better or for worse, accept it has signed,” the spokesman said. “That is why I think it would be preferable for Turkey, for stability in the region, for the security of all, to move towards a de-escalation. In any case, this policy of persistent provocation, persistent aggression, and of the escalation of the situation has not helped it,” he noted commenting on the Turkish vice-president’s statements that he did not accept the fait accompli in the Aegean.

“Turkey must understand that this whole strategy of escalation and exaggeration has not gone down too well at this time. Instead of gaining ground in international relations, what we see is that it is constantly losing ground,” Tzanakopoulos said.