Greece will have room for positive measures in 2019, Parliamentary Budget Office Coordinator says

According to the budget estimates, there will be room to maintain part of the offset measures in 2019 along with the ‘pension personal difference’ (recalculation of primary and supplementary pension rates), Parliamentary Budget Office Coordinator Fragiskos Koutentakis said on Monday in an inteview with the Athens-Macedonian News Agecy (ANA).

Koutentakis explained that Greece’s fiscal commitments are specific and should be met.

He noted, however, that it is important that the announcements by the government and opposition parties “do not send out messages that can question these commitments and disrupt the expectations that have been created on the country’s positive fiscal stance.”

He made it clear that the latest report by the State Budget Office does not provide for a primary surplus primary target of 4.5 pct of GDP this year, adding that a 1.1 billion euro excess has been recorded in the nine months compared to the same period last year.

Regarding the Italian crisis, Parliamentary Budget Office Coordinator expressed optimism that Europe will eventually find a solution, although developments have so far triggered market concerns and increased interest rates not only for Italy but also for smaller countries as Greece.