Greece’s candidate to lead OECD Diamantopoulou on post-pandemic priorities, Europe, and relations with China

Anna Diamantopoulou, former EU Commissioner and Greece’s candidate for the position of OECD Secretary-General, told Bloomberg that the organisation has an irreplaceable role to play after the pandemic in the fields of digital transformation, climate change, labour market and creating a level playing field in order to eliminate global economy conflicts.

In an interview to Maria Tadeo on “Bloomberg Markets: European Open”, Diamantopoulou underlined that OECD’s top priorities are digital transformation, climate change and labour market challenges.

“After the pandemic, OECD has to play a very important role and at global and international levela,” and has to promote its services and standards to more parts of the globe, she underlined. Were she to be elected, she would advocate more strongly on the OECD’s programs and guidelines, particularly for antibribery, investments, and state-owned companies. As she described it, “This is a fundamental precondition for creating a level playing field, and a level playing field is a precondition for the elimination of conflicts internationally and in the global economy at large.”

Diamantopoulou said that “cooperation between liberal democracies goes further beyond than economy and trade, it is mainly about values.” As regards China in particular, she called on liberal democracies to reach consensus on a stance with China, and expressed the belief that US president-elect Joe Biden will contribute to this. As she noted overall, “It is important that we continue to work with China.”

At European level, the priority should be to continue to support jobs and firms “until we reach a level of normality,” but she also pointed out that “European governments have to invest on digital transformation and green growth” as a priority.