Greece’s first bill on lobbyist registration posted for public consultation

A new draft law on registration of lobbyists and restrictions on gifts to political leaders was posted for public consultation on Tuesday.

It is the first such bill in Greece, and includes the registration of lobbyists as well as gifts, hospitality and other benefits which in general the Greek president and members of the government only be able to accept out of courtesy or diplomatic practice.

Besides private sector lobby groups, the specific registry will include associations, professional groups, chambers of commerce and agencies of citizens society. In terms of rules, the new bill prohibits staff of registered groups from lobbying for 18 months after their lobbying activities at the agency end.

In terms of the Greek president and members of the government, objects worth over 200 euros will be cared for by them but belong to the state. Generally, any objects with national, historical or cultural importance will belong to the state, regardless of value, and may be exhibited at the presidential mansion, the government seat at Maximos Mansion, or a ministry, or turned over to museums or other nonprofit institutions.

The bill will be available online for comment at to July 19.