Greece’s territorial rights are backed up by international treaties, says Alt. Defence Minister

The Greek defence ministry is always vigilant about any possible tension in the Aegean Sea, Alternate Defence Minister Dimitris Vitsas told “Sto Kokkino” radio station on Wednesday, following the incident involving a collision of Greek and Turkish boats in Greek waters near the Imia islet.

“When we say in the Ministry that we are vigilant, we specifically mean that were are considering all possible scenarios, and assuming all proper initiatives,” Vitsas said, adding that all involved officials in the foreign and shipping ministries “are also vigilant and have clear orders” about possible tension in the Aegean.

Vitsas said the incident of a Turkish patrol boat ramming a Greek coast guard vessel may have been part of Turkey’s attempt to deflect attention domestically from its operations in Afrin, Syria, and reassured the Greek people that the “military forces are where they should be and are doing what they should do, and the Greek people should be feel safe to devote themselves to peaceful activities.”

“What we have a right to as Greece – meaning, our sovereignty rights in the Aegean, the land, the islands and the islets – have been gained through the Greek people’s struggles and been ratified by international treaties. Things are clear, there is no question, there are no grey zones (in the Aegean) and all of this can of course be proven fully,” underlined Vitsas.