Greek 10-year bond yield drops to 3.95 pct on Wednesday

The yield of Greece’s 10-year benchmark bond dropped below the psychological barrier of 4 pct on Wednesday to close at 3.95 pct, with analysts saying that the recent Eurogroup decision to ease Greek debt creates the conditions for bond yields to decline further.

Talking to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA), bond market analysts said that investors have been looking for a balance point since last Friday, as they are receiving positive messages of a “clear horizon” emerging for Greece’s debt up until 2033. The most important thing, they noted, and a factor that creates the prospects of further good developments for Greek bonds, is the fact that the Eurogroup’s decision makes the Greek debt sustainable.

During Wednesday’s trading session, the bond yields for all categories or Greek bonds declined, with the 10-year bond closing at 3.95 pct, the 5-year bond at 3.11 pct, the 7-year bond at 3.57 pct, the 15-year bond at 4.54 pct and the 20-year bond at 4.71 pct.