Greek authorities approve Thessaloniki port’s master plan

Greece’s Port Planning and Development Commission approved the master plan of Thessaloniki Port Authority, offering a “green light” for the port’s development in a 25-year period and determining the use and building conditions in the port, Constantinos Mellios, chairman of Thessaloniki Port, told ANA.

He noted that the master plan, which was approved by the Commission with only minor amendments, makes the Thessaloniki port the first port of this size to have an approved plan by the Commission in Greece.
Mellios said the master plan sets the axis of the port’s development and noted that the buyer of a 67 pct majority stake in the port could make his own proposals but the Greek state will have the last word on any amendments in the prism of public interest and environmental protection.

The master plan aims, among others, the upgrade the port to the middle category of European ports and envisages expanding piers, raising capacity of cargo terminals, upgrading sea cruise facilities for home port and transit services capable of handling 150,000 passengers annually.

An international tender to submit binding bids to buy a 67 pct of Thessaloniki Port Authority ends in March 24. Four business groups have expressed interest in the tender. The winner of the tender will have to make investments of at least 180 million euros in the port.