Greek authorities receive new list of 475 Greeks with overseas accounts

A new list of 475 Greeks with bank accounts in foreign banks was sent to the International Financial Relations department of the Greek Finance Ministry from the Finance ministry of the German state of Rhineland Westphalia.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Monday during the debate in Parliament announced the existence of this new list. Financial prosecutors have already received the list and will begin the necessary investigations. It includes data from the accounts of a central European bank since 2010 and according to sources it includes prominent businessmen.
The next steps are the following:

– At first, Greek authorities will cross-examine the new list with other lists of overseas accounts.

– At a second stage, the authorities will begin the necessary audits by cross-referencing tax statements and declared incomes over the previous years.

– It is estimated that the first results of the investigation will be available in around one month.